Interfectum (Baylor's Crew)

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Interfectum (Baylor's Crew)

Post by Baylor CN IX on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:52 am

You find yourself companionless as you trek through the cartilaginous woodland. Cadaverous foliage loom over you like protracting phalanges ready to drag you to the pits of hell. Suddenly your auditory system is occupied with the modulation of foliage breaking under heavy bases. Your heart beat pounds in your chestal area and the only thing your mind can register is the voice inside your head bellowing one word "Run!". Wasting no time you pull your appendages under you and begin to make a expeditious retreat. The path ahead of you begins to sway soon becoming indistinct. Your vision blurs and your heart seems like it is ready to savagely claw it's own way out from your broad chest. The atmosphere around you begins to tilt and slide. A distant howl grabs your attention only to be followed by a profusion of harmonizing songs in response. Heavy foot falls can be heard advancing towards your direction. Numerous birds take to the sky bellowing "Interfectum, Interfectum, Interfectum." Now focused on the heavens above you fail to regard the single arachnid that now clambers itself up your fore, inserting it's apical points into your flesh. You start to sweat and your vision blurs until the only thing you can make out is an apparitional character before you. Rotating your cranium to survey your vicinity other obfuscous figures begin to take place. Circulating your crown to face the frame before you "W-Who are you?" your perplexed vocals split the empty air as the shadow before you shifts and a response is made "I am Baylor and I am I not asking for your loyalty, I am demanding it." her feminine hymn seemed to surround you as her patronizing gaze fell upon your shaking frame.

The Interfectum crew, Lead by the unholy Baylor, is bound to be full of trouble consisting of raids and possible kidnappings. However if you choose to run at Baylor's side do take note she's no joke. Her fangs are just as sharp as her bite and she will not fail to put you in your place. Wolves of this crew are ruthless, cold. They won't hesitate to end you where you stand.

"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."

Crew Profession



Black flag (tail tip)

Three day trial period.


After three days a notch will be chewed into your ear to symbolize that you now belong to Ruve.

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