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Kaiba Corps (Kaiba's Crew)

Post by Kaiba on Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:53 am

Alright, listen up, you rugrats. Don't worry about showing up on time, just get your stuff done.

Your job as the scouting legion is to successfully infiltrate your assignment through reconnaissance. Get in, get out. Simple enough? If not, there's nothing wrong with asking me what to look for while you're investigating - as long as you bring payment.

Be quick with your work, but if for some reason you get caught, don't come crawling back to me with the expectation that I'll take the responsibility. I assume you're witted enough to get yourself out of it anyway. I assume you're able to hold your own ground. I assume you won't let the tagalongs turn the tables on us.

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to me. I need to know who stands beside me. A simple "Hey, I'm [name] and I'll be scouting with you" is perfect.

Crew Profession

Tag: Ix


Blue flag (tail tip)

-Exceptions can be made if such demand will blight your precious character.-


I'm not going to brand you. I'm not going to make you come online for a certain amount of days. Just show up.

Got a problem? Spit it out.



Weekdays: Evening
Weekends: Afternoons - Evening

I do have classes and work behind the screen, so I will not be on everyday. Meaning, I understand similar conflicts. Just do your best to get online every so often, a'ight?


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