Callidus (Concordia's Crew)

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Callidus (Concordia's Crew)

Post by Concordia on Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:48 am

The rotted wood is damp, its pungent musk wafting thickly into the air. Leaves bow at the end of their clasp upon oak branches, their curved palms weighted by water. Droplets lick down from them, kissing the sodden earth with audible pops and taps in a rhythmic dew fall. Your pelt is heavy with raindrops, and you shift uncomfortably in the cold. Your refuge under the trees did not serve you well, so you begin to move forward through the undergrowth. Your paw steps melt into the succession of rainfall; you glide across the earth in an almost ghostly fashion of a wolf's silent gait. Your gaze is blurred with water, but your sharp nose picks up on an unfamiliar scent. Squinting into the darkness, you spot two crimson oculars peering at you from the shadows. A lithe, dark pelted effeminate canine emerges from the brush, her tail curled high and proud over tufted hackles. Charred cinnamon greets your nostrils. At first, you take note of her alarmingly blood-like gaze, but then you realize that her expression is soft and kind. "Welcome, friend." Her words are like honey, soft and warm. "Strangers who journey through these parts usually join us, but that is for you to decide. Fair warning, however, if indeed your choice is to pledge allegiance to me, you pledge undying loyalty."

The Callidus Crew is lead by the benevolent Concordia. She herself is earnest and amiable. She is a virtuoso; admiring an artistic value to death. Though she is kindhearted and concerned with the well-being of others, there is a thin line between her passive mannerism and insanity. As an assassin she not only kills her victims but displays them artistically.
Wolves of Callidus are intelligent, hardworking, and earnest. They are dutiful to their pack, and are bound by loyalty to each other. Outsiders are not treated with such openness and willingness, however the Callidus will never abandon one who is lost or in need. Do not take Callidus's patience for feebleness, however; they can be as savage as they are kind.

"The bond that links you to what you call 'family' is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life."

Crew Profession

The duties of the Carnefice are to be stealthy and flawless in their acts. They strive for nothing less than perfection, and should treat assassination as an art form. Careful strokes and fluid strikes will lead to the perfect death of those that they mark. There is more to Callidus than assassination, however. Their other role is to guard and defend the pack. In other words, protecting the vulnerable, and lessening the chances of infiltration. Carnefices train daily, whether with one another or with Concordia herself.

  Red flag (Tail tip)

  After one day of reserved judgement, Concordia will call you forth to receive her blessing and official welcome into the pack by planting a kiss upon your forehead after you have self-inflicted a mark upon your body.

When to expect Concordia

  Central Time afternoon hours, and almost every evening.

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