Mafia Rules and Requirements

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Mafia Rules and Requirements

Post by Concordia on Tue Mar 17, 2015 3:30 am

Here lies the Rules and Requirements of Cosa Nostra. Please read carefully, as we hold a zero tolerance policy.

1 ) All Dons and Underbosses are to be treated with respect. As this is a realistic pack; realistically speaking, you would not be hostile or quip-tongued to a higher ranking member.

2 ) Post-cutting is not permitted. (Accidents happen, so do not worry if you unwillingly send out a post thinking someone else was finished)

3 ) It is preferable for your role play to be at least two posts long. We understand writer's block strikes at times, so an occasional single post is fine.

4 ) If you are interested in being a Guerriero, you must meet the size requirement that comes with the rank. Guerrieos are larger and stronger wolves, therefore your character (if male) must be near or completely full sized. If female, they must be at least the size of Concordia or Baylor themselves. Any smaller, and you will not be accepted in that rank.
If Carnefice sparks your interest, females may be any size that is around Concordia's- slightly smaller will be acceptable. SLIGHTLY. For males, it is preferred for you to be any size larger than Concordia. Like Guerrieos, Carnefice are strong and must be able to take down large opponents.
If you are interested in becoming an Azione, males can adjust themselves accordingly to a smaller stature than full hieght, whether undersized than average, or slightly larger than Concordia or Baylor for reference. Females are allowed their typically small appearance. Infermieras and Punires may be any size.

5 ) Mating with a Don or an Underboss will not earn you their rank. Whatever rank you choose at your initiation will remain with you for the entirety of your character within the mafia.

6 ) Role play is in Local chat. OOC (Out of character) posts are to be made in Group chat. If a friend of yours outside of the pack comes to visit, please speak with them privately in Whisper if they are not participating in role play.

7 ) The mafia is a group for your enjoyment. It is not your diary. Your IRL problems are not of our concern, so please do not bring your drama into the group. If you are feeling particularly upset, it is in your best interest not to log on and take out your anger on your pack mates.

8 ) Please consult Dons before attempting to make plot changes in role play. Such follows as humans hunting us, a rival pack confrontation, death, etc.

9 ) Being active is very important. Please inform us Dons and Underbosses if/when you will become inactive. We would not wish to ban you unknowingly under the circumstances of you being on vacation or ill, etc. Let us know in advance!

10 ) Using all caps, spamming, making rude or annoying statements, anything that would in a group setting cause a disturbance, is prohibited. This is a mature group, and if you cannot contain yourself to not act out, you do not belong.

11 ) Before committing to a crew, one must go through a trial period. The days vary with what crew you wish to join. Being inactive during the trial does NOT earn you a place in the crew. You must be online in those days of wait. It is not our job to keep track of your activity. If you truly want a rank, be responsible.

12 ) Associates (new members in trial period) must remain at the den site for the time that they are in waiting. Of course, it varies with the crew they intend on joining, however in that time period, they must remain there.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to refer to any of the three Dons for assistance!

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