How it all functions.

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How it all functions.

Post by Baylor CN IX on Wed Mar 18, 2015 3:14 am

Cosa Nostra is ONE group. Now, some of you may be confused about the crews so that is what this forum is for. I shall explain. There are three dons. Each Don has his/her own crew (Interfectum, Callidus, and Kaiba's Corps). What is a crew you may ask? A crew is basically a gang, a pack inside a pack. Each Don may run it differently, as each crew specifies in certain abilities that others do not.
To break it down further for you, Inferfectum's profession is Guerriero, the warriors and fighters. Callidus are Carnefice, guards and assassins. Kaiba's Corps are the Azione, scouts and spies. Though each crew is broken into its own set of specialties, in the end, we are still Cosa Nostra and we function as one group.

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