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Post by Baylor CN IX on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:43 am


Here is a whole list for anyone and everyone who is seeking to learn some different words for their role-play. Please use if you wish to advance your skill/experiance. That is what its here for.

Emotion Terms

Anger: Acrimony, animosity, annoyance, antagonism, blow up, cat fit, chagrin, choler, conniption, dander, disapprobation, displeasure, distemper, enmity, exasperation, fury, gall, hatred, hissy fit, huff, ill humor, ill temper, impatience, indignation, infuriation, irascibility, ire, irritability, irritation, mad, miff, outrage, passion, peevishness, petulance, pique, rage, rankling, resentment, slow burn, soreness, stew, storm, tantrum, temper, tiff, umbrage, vexation, violence, seethe

Sadness: Anguish, blahs, bleakness, broken heart, cheerlessness, dejection, despondency, disconsolateness, dismals, dispiritedness, distress, dolefulness, dolor, downcastness, downer, dysphoria, forlornness, gloominess, grief, grieving, heartache, heartbreak, heavy heart, hopelessness, letdown, listlessness, melancholy, misery, moodiness, mopes, mournfulness, mourning, poignancy, sorrow, sorrowfulness, the blues, the dumps, tribulation, woe

Happiness: Blessedness, bliss, cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, content, contentment, delectation, delight, delirium, ecstasy, elation, enchantment, enjoyment, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, felicity, gaiety, geniality, gladness, glee, good cheer, good humor, good spirits, hilarity, hopefulness, joviality, joy, jubilation, laughter, lightheartedness, merriment, mirth, optimism, paradise, peace of mind, playfulness, pleasure, prosperity, rejoicing, sanctity, seventh heaven, vivacity, well-being

Shock: Awe, bombshell, breakdown, bump, clash, collapse, collision, concussion, confusion, consternation, crash, distress, disturbance, encounter, excitement, eye-opener, hysteria, impact, injury, jarring, jolt, percussion, prostration, ram, scare, start, stroke, stupefaction, stupor, trauma, traumatism, turn, wreck

Passion: Affection, affectivity, agony, anger, animation, ardor, dedication, devotion, distress, dolor, eagerness, ecstasy, excitement, feeling, fervor, fire, fit, flare-up, frenzy, fury, heat, hurrah, indignation, intensity, ire, joy, misery, outbreak, outburst, paroxysm, rage, rapture, resentment, sentiment, spirit, storm, suffering, temper, transport, vehemence, warmth, wrath, zeal, zest

Lust: Craving, cupidity, desire, eroticism, excitement, fervor, greed, hunger, itch, lasciviousness, lechery, lewdness, libido, licentiousness, longing, prurience, pruriency, salaciousness, salacity, sensualism, sensuality, thirst, urge, wantonness, weakness

Grateful: Beholden, gratified, indebted, obliged, pleased, thankful

Flatter: Bootlick, brownnose, butter up, cajole, cater to, charm, con, court, get next to, glorify, grovel, humor, inveigle, jolly, overpraise, play up to, praise, soft-soap, suck up to, sweet-talk, sweeten up

Nervous: Afraid, agitated, annoyed, apprehensive, basket case, bothered, concerned, distressed, disturbed, edgy, excitable, fidgety, fitful, flustered, fussy*, hesitant, high-strung, hysterical, irritable, jittery, jumpy, nervy, neurotic, on edge, overwrought, querulous, restive, ruffled, sensitive, shaky*, shrinking, shy, skittish, snappish, solicitous, spooked, taut, tense, timid, timorous, troubled, twitchy, uneasy, unrestful, unstrung, upset, uptight, volatile, weak, wired, worried

Colour Terms

Coloration: hue, color, tint, shade, pigment, stain
Red: crimson, blood, rust, rouge, scarlet, cherry, cinnamon, ruby, burgundy, rose
Blue: navy, sapphire, indigo, ice, azure, aqua, teal
Black: Ebony, bon, ebonite, charcoal, charred, raven, lucid, obsidian, smoke washed, stygian, shadow, shadowed, sable, stained, swarthy, raven, midnight, nigrescent, inky, jet, jetty, onyx, pitch black, pitch dark
Brown: tawny, twiggy, earthy, tan, beige, sorrel, sediment, soil
Gray: ash (en), silver, steel, titanium, dusty
Green: emerald, serpent, jade, olive, lime, pine
Orange: sun-kissed, fiery, mango, ginger
Purple: mauve, indigo, violet, lilac
Yellow: sunny, golden, mustard, honey, mustard
White: transparent [clear], cream, silk (en), pearl, alabaster, pure, colourless, ivory

Wolf Terms

Female: vixen , hellion, maiden, she-wolf, lorelei, she-beast, tempest, enhcantness, feminque, mistress, doll
Male: brute [large figured], he-beast, hessian, titan, he-wolf,
Wolf: lupus, lupa, lupe, candid, rough-coat[Unmannered wolf], smoothe-coat[Well mannered wolf]

Body Terms

Head/Face: Visage [Face], cranium, cerebrum [Front], cranial, crown [Top], craniul, crania, pate, plat, poll, pallet, patelle, tiara, brainpan, skull, apex

Coat: Wrapping, jacket, peltry, canvas, pelt, hide, derma

Body: Bulk, build, bod, physique, platform, frame, flank [Side], facade, figure, form, torso [Lower Part], carcass [Dead], constitution, chassi, lithe form, willowy, mass, trunk [Back], embodiment, shape, silhouette [Out-Line]

Legs: Appendages, appendai, upper limbs, pedates, 'pendages, pillars, pistons, lower limbs, limbs, legs, stilts, shanks, gams, fulcrums, fores [Front Legs], nadirs, hinds [Back Legs], supporters

Teeth: Enamels, dentals, pearls, ivories, incisors, fates, fangs

Muzzle/Nose: Muzzle: Pan, plush, map, mug, maw, kisser, mouth, snout -- Nose: nasal passages, nares, narettes, nostrils, probiscus, velveteens, dial [Nose], cresents, oxygenators

Ears: Acoustic's, acoustic, audreys, apparatus, auditives, auds, auricles, auditories, antennae, twin zeniths, tympanums, thorns, twin pinnacles, towers, tulips, lappets, lobes, listeners, diagnostics, duos, doublets, dublets, orioles, harks, sentinels, cochlea, pricks, polls, lappetts, flutes, receptors, recepters

Eyes: Tabiries, twin pools, pool, spheres, globes, visionaries, oculars, oracles, opticals, optics, orbits, orb, occuli, oculars, occulus, orics, oids, voids, chasms, lamps, lanterns, lampistra, irises [coloring of the eye]

Lips: Labrums, labrales, labra, labia, velvets, kissers

Nails: Talons, claws, blades, digits

Paws: Pads, grippers, bases, toes

Neck: Curvature, crest, column, serpentine, boa, neck, nape

Tail: Whipcord, caudal, plume, plumage, pendulum, hock kisser, swatter, fifth appendage, tassle, ribbons, rope

Mane: Banner, banter, dreads, tassels, tendrils, threads

Mouth: Dial, mug, maw, muzzle, snout

Nature Termenalogy

Trees: Frondescence, foliage
Vegetation: Flora, nerbage, verdure
Field: Meadow, plains, glebe, mere
Terrain: Terra firma, lithosphere, topography, source
Soft Terrain: Sod, quagmire, loam, fell
Sky: Firmament, blue yonder, welkin, atmosphere
Surroundings: Atmosphere, environment, medium, encompassment, context, calligraphically scenery
Wind: Squall, zephyr, breeze
Soft: Talcum, gentle, camellia, velvet, silk, sleek
Big: Prodigious, colossal, mammoth, jumbo, large
Small: Minuscule, slender, petite, svelte, lithe
Muscular: Nrawny, strapping, burly, sinewy, stalwart

Genders/Age/Ranks Termenalogy

Female: Feminine, femoral, femora, femmoria, femmora, femmina, fatale, fem, fae, femorette, feminique, figurine, fatale, matron, matriarch, paramour, nymph, banshee, belle, brutale, bruja, baroness, huntress, inamorata, regina, vixen, vix, ess, seraph, donna, succubus, xanthippe, dame, sovereign, dove, pregnant dog, damsel, harlot, wench, shrew, maiden, mistress, minx, monarch, virago, virgo, naiad, witch, hussy, czaress, jezebel, , dryad, harridan, spitfire, lamia, she-beast, she-wolf, demoness, enchantress, tempest, lupa

Male: Masculine, masculi, vagabond, sovereign, stag, hessian, stud, virile, suzerain, patron, patriarch, gladiator, baron, bronco, captor, inccubus, czar, caesar, charger, tycoon, mogul, sahib, caliph, bronc, capon, behemoth, titan, liege

Alphess|Alpha: Lead, leader, regal, head

Pups: Youth, adolescant, lass [female], lad [male], bray [male], rogue [male], bella [female]

Mother/Father: Dam, maternal, sire, paternal

Middle Aged: Primed, seasoned

Old: Senescent, veteran, decrepit

Emotion and Action Termonalogy

Happy: Buoyant, bliss, ecstatic, elated, euphoric, ecstasy, joyful, joyous, lighthearted

Sad: Morose, saturnine, blue, dour, melancholy, trite, somber, mirthless, dejected, drear, grieving, depressed, dismal, joyless

Aggressive: Bellicose, belligerent, assertive, militant, pushful, combative

Wise: Sensible, prudent, sagacious, judicious, gnostic, insighted, perceptive, sage, intuitive, cunning, astute

Calm: Phlegmatic, halcyon, placid, composed, nonchalant

Hatred: Abhorrence, enmity, animosity, loathing

Angry: Piqued, irate, irked, vexed, acrimonious, choleric, indignant

Tired: Fatigued, enervated, jaded, weary

Energetic: Vigorous, peppy, preppy, dynamic, lusty, vibrant

Desire: Exigency, lust, edge, torment, wish, fancy, fantasy

Destroy: Lacerate, decimate

Movements: Embarks, stalks, dances, intercepts, walks, strides, sways, navigates, drifts, slinks, ingresses, glides, runs, shuffles, stumbles, slides, struts, collaborates, rendition, advances

Medical Terms

If you are a medic or another other canid interested in taking up the medical postion, well here you are. Here is a made list of all the medical plants/roots/things you may need or use. I believe this is the wolf one, if not, can someone please inform me so I can go hunt it down... Anyway, yep, here you are. Please use it to your will, for its here for you. To study and use.

Herbal Teas:

Name: Allspice
Use: Indigestion
Apply: Eaten

Name: Anise
Use: Cramps, nausia
Apply: Eaten

Name: Balm
Use: Nervous problems, hysteria, melancholy, insomnia
Apply: Eaten.

Name: Bay Leaf
Use: Digestive problems, skin problems, colds
Apply: Eaten

Name: Caraway
Use: Promotes digestion
Apply: Eaten

Name: Cayenne Pepper
Use: Stomach pains
Apply: Eaten

Name: Celery
Use: Skin problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Chives
Use: Anemia
Apply: Eaten

Name: Cloves
Use: Nausea
Apply: Eaten

Name: Coriander
Use: Rheumatism, joint pains
Apply: Eaten

Name: Cucumber
Use: Heart problems, kidney problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Dill
Use: Upset stomach, insomnia
Apply: Eaten

Name: Ginger
Use: Colds
Apply: Eaten

Name: Mustard
Use: Inflamation, encourages blood flow
Apply: Eaten

Name: Nutmeg*
Use: Stimulant
Apply: Eaten

Name: Oregano
Use: Stiff joints
Apply: Eaten

Name: Paprika
Use: Colds, stimulant
Apply: Eaten

Name: Safflower
Use: Hysteria, colds
Apply: Eaten

Name: Saffron*
Use: Coughs, stomach gas, insomnia.
Apply: Eaten

Name: Sage
Use: Nervous conditions, trembling, depression, vertigo
Apply: Eaten

Name: Watercress
Use: Tuberculosis, anemia, eczema
Apply: Eaten

Name: Lemon Balm
Use: Soothes the nervous system
Apply: Eaten

Name: Camomile
Use: Prevents nightmares, help digestion
Apply: Eaten

Name: Red Clover
Use: Soothes coughs
Apply: Eaten

Name: Cassina
Use: Mild narcotic
Apply: Eaten

Name: Catnip
Use: Stimulates appitite, bronchitis, diarrhea
Apply: Eaten

Name: Elder Flower/Berry
Use: Induces sleep, relieve respatory infection
Apply: Eaten

Name: Horehound
Use: Soothes coughs
Apply: Eaten

Name: Lime flower
Use: Soothes the nerves, aids in digestion
Apply: Eaten

Name: Bee Balm
Use: Induces sleep
Apply: Eaten

Name: Paraguay
Use: Stay awake; contains caffeine
Apply: Eaten

Name: Atrichoke
Use: Heart disease
Apply: Eaten

Name: Asparagus
Use: Kidney problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Black Birch Leaf
Use: Intestinal worms
Apply: Eaten

Name: Blackberry Leaf
Use: Bleeding gums
Apply: Eaten

Name: Carrot
Use: Superior sight, nightvision
Apply: Eaten

Name: Eucalytus
Use: Sore throat, lung disease
Apply: Eaten

Name: Heather
Use: Skin problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Holly
Use: Arthritis
Apply: Eaten

Name: Hops
Use: Soothes nervous system
Apply: Eaten

Name: Lemon
Use: Colds, coughs, sore throat
Apply: Eaten

Name: Licorice
Use: Brochial problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Mint
Use: General cure-all, insomnia, headache, stomach ache, nervous conditions, heartburn, nausea
Apply: Eaten

Name: Mistletoe
Use: Circulatory problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Mulberry
Use: Laxative
Apply: Eaten

Name: Oats
Use: Chest problems
Apply: Eaten

Name: Radish
Use: Gall bladder, rheumatism, coughs
Apply: Eaten

Regular Herbs:

Name: Amaranth
Use: Stops bleeding
Apply: Chew and cover affected area

Name: Alder Leaf
Use: Diarrhea, fever, aches, colds
Apply: Eaten

Name: Ash Leaf
Use: Stomach parasites
Apply: Eaten

Name: Black Elder
Use: Pain relief
Apply: Eaten

Name: Ginseng
Use: Slightly boost stamina for a short while
Apply: Eaten

Name: Horsetail
Use: Speeds healing, prevents infection
Apply: Chew and cover affected area

Name: Rue
Use: Stops bleeding, speeds healing
Apply: Chew and cover affected area

Name: Garlic
Use: Prevents infection
Apply: Crush and cover affected area

Name: Aloe Vera
Use: Prevents infection, cleanses wounds
Apply: Squeeze the juice from the plant and cover affected area

Name: Solomon's Seal
Use: Pain killer
Apply: Eaten or applied to affected area

Name: Foxglove
Use: Speeds healing
Apply: Chew and cover affected area

Name: Rowan Ash Leaf
Use: Increased healing
Apply: Eaten


Name: Belladonna
Use: Paralysis
Apply: Eaten or applied. [If applied the limb or area becoms numb and unmovable. If eaten the entire body becomes numb and unmovable.]

Name: Mandrake Root
Use: Narcotic, hallucinogenic
Apply: Eaten, smelled

* In large doses this herb is poisonous and may cause hallucinations, internal bleeding, blindness, or death

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