Organization Ranks

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Organization Ranks

Post by Baylor CN IX on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:36 am

Don (CN IX)- The Don's run the whole organization. Each Don is of equal power.

Underboss (CN IV)- The Underbosses are chosen by the Don's to assist them in leading their crews. They are the next in power when the Dons are not online.

Guerriero (CN Iv)- The Guerriero are the brawn of the organization. They take care of the dirty work. They're the warriors and fighters of the group.

Carnefice (CN Ic)- The Carnefice are executioners, assassins and guards of the group. They excel in swift killing, however they also are exuberant protectors. They know when to defend and when to kill.

Azione (CN Ix)- The Azione are the stealth of the organization Their job is to know what is going down in the maps. They're the spies and scouts of the group.

Infermiera (CN Ii)- The infermiera consists of the healers and medics of the organization.

Punire (CN x) -The Punire title is usually distributed as punishment. The Punire are not allowed to participate in raids/kidnappings. They must also stay within the base, serving as food-providers, collect herbs for medicinal purposes, and caretakers of pups.

Pups (CN xx)- The youth or next generation of the organization.

Associates (CN)- Not yet "made" members of the mafia.

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